Newsletter N°14 : Exciting projects !


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Exciting projects ! 


As the world lives to the rhythm of the spread of the virus and suffers from the various government measures, Nigeria is in the grip of an unprecedented revolt of its youth against a very corrupt state. Triggered by police violence, this movement has become a more global protest against an abusive and discredited power.


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Newsletter N°13 : The solid foundations !


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The solid foundations ! 


Every architect knows that to build for the long term in Africa or elsewhere, it is essential to build on solid foundations !


This is especially the case with St. Michael’s Mission in Nigeria, where the beginning of the year was marked by two events with a strong symbolic impact. First, the ordination of Fr. Anozie, the first young, Traditional Catholic Nigerian priest. Second, the laying and blessing of the construction site of the future great church of Enugu which will be completed with a priory and a school.


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Newsletter N°12 : Immersion in the heart of Enugu’s mission

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Welcome to Enugu ! 

Woe to me if I do not proclaim the Gospel,” wrote St. Francis Xavier to St. Ignatius of Loyola describing his perilous but very fruitful missions as co-founder of the Jesuits. It is with this same spirit that missionaries have worked in Nigeria for many years. Regular dramatic news reminds us of both the risks and the needs of setting up these Catholic missions in the heart of this African giant.


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Newsletter N°8 : The apostolate of the SSPX in Nigeria

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Don’t forget Africa! The importance of evangelisation in Africa

In the last newsletter, Fabienne Monclar interested and puzzled us with her vision of Africa in her book ‘The White Woman with her Cross’. We should all lift up our eyes from our daily occupations to look at the evolution of this huge continent: a part of its youth dreams of becoming still more westernised and is prey to the same Islamic danger as in Europe. At the beginning of next year, SOS Africa will make a speech in the European Parliament in order to alert the deputies concerning the lot of the Christians in Africa, and to ask for their help.


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Newsletter N°11 : The atypical daily routine of our missionaries

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Welcome to Nigeria ! 

Nigeria, unfortunately, suffered the greatest losses from last year’s terrorist attempts… In this bulletin we would therefore wish to plunge you deep into the heart of a Catholic Mission, which lies in Enugu, a city to the South-East of Nigeria. In this country, which, thanks to oil, has become the richest in Africa, the majority of persons still live in conditions of misery and anxiety owing to ever-growing insecurity and the influence of Islam to the North of the country. Under such difficult circumstances, the missionaries of St Michael’s Mission are trying to serve Nigerians by setting in place a means to meets their material, scholarly and spiritual needs.


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Newsletter N°7 - Fabienne Monclar : Her experience in Nigeria

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What a wonderful thing it is to support our African missions!


At the same time as France is gripped by election fever, Christians continue to be persecuted, with relatively little fuss made, whether it be in the Middle East or in Africa. The need to help Africa, spiritually and through education, has never been so strong. It is the role of the Catholic missions to perform this task. The mission in Lagos, which you can read more about here, is a good example.  


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Newsletter N°10 : Nigerian Vocations

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An active association ! For a Mission that bears fruit

« Leave a parish for 20 years without a priest and animals will be adored there » So used to say the Curé of Ars. This statement is a blaring description of the world we are living in, be it in here France or elsewhere in the world.


Our aim in founding SOS Africa was to be of assistance to Africans in Africa (Particularly Nigerians), by supporting the local Missions. It would really seem to us that such Missions are the best placed to assist these peoples in their spiritual, intellectual and material growth. 


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Newsletter N°6 - Soon a plot

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Here are the very foundations… of Hope!


We are thrilled to announce some excellent news: thanks to you we have acquired a large plot of land close to the centre of Enugu. For us here at the association it is a fresh start which promises to open up lasting and exciting prospects for our Nigerian missionaries. It will enable us to make a start on our numerous projects, including the chapel, school and gymnasium and thus allow our missionaries to travel around for the benefit of the souls of Nigerians. 

We have ever more need of your prayers and your support. The number of well-wishers grows steadily and we have already earnt the trust of some politicians! We take this occasion to launch a large campaign of monthly donations of 10€ each in order to cover the costs of the mission and the loans we have taken out.


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Newsletter N°9 : Conference at the European Parliament

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An active association ! For a Mission in progress

While France slows down owing to the extra days off of the month of May, and the endless transport strikes, our association shines forth more and more thanks to courageous MEPs and missionary schools. During these last months, we have thus been able to :


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Newsletter N°2 - Special feature: Bernard Lugan's post

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It is because faith has no frontiers that the world needs missionaries : this mission is expanding and needs your help ! 

Why have two young priests been sent to the South of Nigeria while priests are needed here ? Several persons have made that comment and the answer has become the watch-word of the association : because “Faith has no frontiers” and it is in that sense that the call from Father Obih was heard.


In theses pages you will find details of the activities of the Priory which is expanding thanks to your large generosity : we have our sights on a big piece of land in order to materialize the project of building a church, a school and a place for retreats, all gathered into the same building.


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