Newsletter N°6 - Soon a plot

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Here are the very foundations… of Hope!


We are thrilled to announce some excellent news: thanks to you we have acquired a large plot of land close to the centre of Enugu. For us here at the association it is a fresh start which promises to open up lasting and exciting prospects for our Nigerian missionaries. It will enable us to make a start on our numerous projects, including the chapel, school and gymnasium and thus allow our missionaries to travel around for the benefit of the souls of Nigerians. 

We have ever more need of your prayers and your support. The number of well-wishers grows steadily and we have already earnt the trust of some politicians! We take this occasion to launch a large campaign of monthly donations of 10€ each in order to cover the costs of the mission and the loans we have taken out.


In this edition you will also find detailed news about life in Nigeria and a splendid map to help you visualise the expansion of the mission in the ‘giant’ of Africa. Finally, you can ask your children to pray for the conversion of Muslims with the aid of the picture of Our Lady included for this purpose. There is great need to fight against this malign influence, which is making itself felt more and more in Africa.


On behalf of the missionaries and volunteers of the association I wish you a happy and holy Christmastide in advance and thank you once again for your loyal support.


Jean-Benoît de Lacoste, president of the association