Newsletter N°8 : The apostolate of the SSPX in Nigeria

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Don’t forget Africa! The importance of evangelisation in Africa

In the last newsletter, Fabienne Monclar interested and puzzled us with her vision of Africa in her book ‘The White Woman with her Cross’. We should all lift up our eyes from our daily occupations to look at the evolution of this huge continent: a part of its youth dreams of becoming still more westernised and is prey to the same Islamic danger as in Europe. At the beginning of next year, SOS Africa will make a speech in the European Parliament in order to alert the deputies concerning the lot of the Christians in Africa, and to ask for their help.


In this newsletter, you will discover photos and news from Nigeria, which is becoming the most populated and the richest country in Africa. This, of course, hides huge inequalities, since twothirds of the population live below the poverty line fixed at $1 a day per person…

We shall make a stopover in Port Harcourt, a coastal city rich in history, founded by the British settlers in 1912, with an illustrated map.


You will hear about the African adventures of our missionaries who keep fighting against the administration and fake owners!


Thank you for your support and your indispensable generosity towards the missions here; the whole association adds its voice to mine in order to wish you a happy and blessed Christmas with your families... all the while keeping a thought or a prayer for the Africans!