Newsletter N°10 : Nigerian Vocations

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An active association ! For a Mission that bears fruit

« Leave a parish for 20 years without a priest and animals will be adored there » So used to say the Curé of Ars. This statement is a blaring description of the world we are living in, be it in here France or elsewhere in the world.


Our aim in founding SOS Africa was to be of assistance to Africans in Africa (Particularly Nigerians), by supporting the local Missions. It would really seem to us that such Missions are the best placed to assist these peoples in their spiritual, intellectual and material growth. 



The question of vocations poses a real challenge and, in this bulletin, the missionaries themselves will give you the details of their flourishing work. The numerous photos presented here will transport you into the very heart of Africa’s largest country. Finally, Romain will give you the latest details of the Islamic menace that is acting as a gangrene on this country.


As we approach the end of the year, please keep Nigeria in mind inyour prayers and sacrifices. In the name of the entire Association, I would like to extend my heartiest thanks to you for your continued moral and financial support. Each effort on your part will be a wonderful Christmas present for the poorer of our brethren.