Newsletter N°11 : The atypical daily routine of our missionaries

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Welcome to Nigeria ! 

Nigeria, unfortunately, suffered the greatest losses from last year’s terrorist attempts… In this bulletin we would therefore wish to plunge you deep into the heart of a Catholic Mission, which lies in Enugu, a city to the South-East of Nigeria. In this country, which, thanks to oil, has become the richest in Africa, the majority of persons still live in conditions of misery and anxiety owing to ever-growing insecurity and the influence of Islam to the North of the country. Under such difficult circumstances, the missionaries of St Michael’s Mission are trying to serve Nigerians by setting in place a means to meets their material, scholarly and spiritual needs.



Fr Peter has taken the time to answer the questions that we all have as to the stakes and the difficulties involved in this remarkable yet demanding apostolate. The faith has no borders. You will likewise discover the associations projects for 2019 and our new chronicle with the adventures of Michael, a young Nigerian in search of a better life !


We extend our thanks yet again to you for the spiritual, moral and financial assistance that you that you bestow upon these missions which are truly in need of it. In return, the missionaries pray everyday for you.