Newsletter N°14 : Exciting projects !


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Exciting projects ! 


As the world lives to the rhythm of the spread of the virus and suffers from the various government measures, Nigeria is in the grip of an unprecedented revolt of its youth against a very corrupt state. Triggered by police violence, this movement has become a more global protest against an abusive and discredited power.



Faced with a disoriented youth, the Catholic missions in Nigeria are trying to provide spiritual and material solutions. They are growing !


Luckily, Nigeria seems to have been spared from the major health crisis and the various building sites were able to continue and even accelerate thanks to a very competent project manager and highly mobilized on-site teams.


In this bulletin, we go back in detail to the major construction in Enugu in the South East of the country. The construction will allow St. Michael’s mission to benefit from a very welcoming large priory and, God willing (as well as the African administration), a school for the start of the September 2021 school year: a very exciting project !


This possibility is only made possible thanks to the strong involvement of Nigerians, who now make it possible to partially meet the daily costs of the missions, and by your fully transferred donations towards building the future !


You can be sure of our thanks and I wish you, on behalf of the association, a Happy and Holy Christmas with thoughts, gifts, and prayers for these African missions