Newsletter N°2 - Special feature: Bernard Lugan's post

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It is because faith has no frontiers that the world needs missionaries : this mission is expanding and needs your help ! 

Why have two young priests been sent to the South of Nigeria while priests are needed here ? Several persons have made that comment and the answer has become the watch-word of the association : because “Faith has no frontiers” and it is in that sense that the call from Father Obih was heard.


In theses pages you will find details of the activities of the Priory which is expanding thanks to your large generosity : we have our sights on a big piece of land in order to materialize the project of building a church, a school and a place for retreats, all gathered into the same building.


We have the honour of publishing the vision of one of the greater experts on Africa : Bernard Lugan who gives us the keys to understand the geopolitical and religious stakes of the great African power that Nigeria is. 


Thank you for your generosity and be certain of the prayers of Saint Michael, the patron of the mission, in all your intentions.


Jean-Benoît de Lacoste, president of the Association