Newsletter N°9 : Conference at the European Parliament

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An active association ! For a Mission in progress

While France slows down owing to the extra days off of the month of May, and the endless transport strikes, our association shines forth more and more thanks to courageous MEPs and missionary schools. During these last months, we have thus been able to :



- Make a speech at the European Parliament of Strasbourg on the 18th of April, at the request of Marie-Christine Arnautu, Member of the Parliament for the Europe of Nations and Liberties (ENL) Group. In the company of a missionary priest and of another association, it was a good occasion to rouse the interest of the Members, to tell them about the situation of the Christians in Nigeria, and to ask for their help! Mrs Arnautu allows us to extend this conference in this newsletter.


- Take advantage of the generosity of the seventeen schools of the Dominican sisters of Fanjeaux, who chose SOS Africa as the leitmotiv of their Lent. Thanks to the contribution of their hundreds of pupils, those schools have been able to help us spiritually, discover Nigeria, and gather funds for Catholic Missions through our association. 


Let us go on helping Africa, now more than ever, thank you to all our generous benefactors, whether occasional or regular. Be assured of the involvement and devotion of the whole team of volunteers.