Newsletter N°13 : The solid foundations !


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The solid foundations ! 


Every architect knows that to build for the long term in Africa or elsewhere, it is essential to build on solid foundations !


This is especially the case with St. Michael’s Mission in Nigeria, where the beginning of the year was marked by two events with a strong symbolic impact. First, the ordination of Fr. Anozie, the first young, Traditional Catholic Nigerian priest. Second, the laying and blessing of the construction site of the future great church of Enugu which will be completed with a priory and a school.



These two events that Providence brought together in the interval of a few weeks must fill us with hope and expectation for the pursuit and development of these African missions.


Thus, in this bulletin you will find, in addition to the usual sections, an interview with Fr. Anozie and the first photos of this beautiful project. The collection of photographs may also be found on our web site now translated into English thanks to the work of some volunteers, whom I thank profusely!


The project is vast, but the missionaries’ energy and the needs of the local population are unlimited. Even the coronavirus that is present even in Nigeria has still not stopped them: lets make the most of it !


And thank you once again for your indispensable support, I ask you to pray for this young priest together with this beautiful mission in service of the Nigerians.